How Suresmile Clear Aligners Transform Your Smile

How Suresmile Clear Aligners Transform Your Smile

Sep 01, 2021

Teeth that are misaligned not only affect your appearance but also lead to oral health problems. Crooked, crowded, or teeth with bite issues make the patient have difficulties in oral care and hygiene. This may lead to tooth loss, damage or chipping of the tooth, and wearing away of the tooth enamel. Conversely, straightening your teeth reduces the risk of cavities, prevents gum disease, improves confidence, and improves your smile.

Suresmile clear aligners offer orthodontic treatment that is discreet, fast, and comfortable. These aligners are designed through advanced software to deliver the exact tooth movements and for a comfortable fit. Suresmile aligners are precisely made using special dental plastics that deliver optimal tooth movement. Your dentist creates a customized treatment plan through state-of-the-art manufacturing and sophisticated Suresmile software.

How Suresmile Works

At All American Dental, our dentist will use an Orascanner® to take pictures of your teeth. Your teeth may also be scanned using a Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) to enable the dentist to view the position of your teeth and their roots. The images are sent to the computer, which constructs a 3D model of your teeth, helping the dentist to see how your teeth fit together.

Virtual tools in the Suresmile software are used to determine the final position of your teeth after treatment and come up with a suitable customized treatment plan. According to your prescription, a robot will precisely bend a memory alloy archwire that will help move your teeth. This archwire is fitted to your teeth to deliver gentle, consistent forces which drive the teeth to the desired position.

Suresmile Treatment Procedure

The specialist begins by discussing your dental health history and the desired results after treatment. The dentist will confirm whether you are eligible for this type of treatment as severe malocclusion and misalignment require other forms of orthodontic treatment. An intraoral scanner similar to a wand is used to digitally scan your mouth and produce several highly accurate 3D images of your teeth within seconds.

A unique treatment plan is created when these images are uploaded to the Suresmile software, which allows the dental team to assess how the aligners will work for you for maximum results. Each tooth is assessed for an optimal movement that will help you align your teeth to achieve your desired smile.

The Suresmile software is combined with the Digital Lab for precision and expertise in inserting the right amount of force on each tooth at the right time. This results in a faster and more comfortable treatment plan that aligns your teeth for your ideal smile.

After getting your first set of aligners, you will require getting new sets after every two weeks or, as the dentist recommends. These aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours daily for a period of six months. Taking them out for longer periods may delay the treatment or even require you to start over as the teeth will have shifted differently, not as desired.

Once the treatment is complete, you will receive customized retainers for wearing. They will help keep your teeth in their new positions.

Benefits of Suresmile Aligners

  • This type of orthodontic treatment requires fewer visits to the orthodontics near you because of the use of 3D imaging and a robot. The archwire required for teeth alignment is precisely made to push your teeth in multiple directions at once. Manual adjustments similar to those done when using traditional braces are not necessary, and treatment proceeds fast.
  • The system in Suresmile aligners is built towards maximizing the efficiency of each archwire and minimizing discomfort. There are no uncomfortable adjustments as those required when using traditional braces.
  • These aligners are customized to fit using the Suresmile system software and slide easily into your teeth, unlike traditional braces, which require to be adjusted to fit.
  • Suresmile treatment involves a robot that adjusts the archwire with precision unmatched by humans. The wires move each tooth precisely and directly to the prescribed position. Compared to traditional braces, where the orthodontist adjusts the wires manually, thus these aligners have higher quality results.
  • These almost invisible teeth braces are less noticeable and straighten your teeth discreetly. Traditional braces are noticeable, and they may make you uncomfortable while speaking or smiling.
  • The aligners are removable and can be taken out when you need to, unlike traditional braces, which can only be taken out by the dentist.
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