Dental Bridges in Columbia, MO
Dental Bridges treatment procedure

If you have recently lost a tooth (or more) due to decay, accidental causes, or medication, you may be thinking about your options. While a missing tooth can cause unsightly gaps in your dental arch, they can cause much more than just cosmetic problems: Two or more missing teeth can cause trouble with chewing and biting and also with speaking. In addition, you could also experience discomfort in your jaw, pain while chewing, or unpleasant changes to your bite. One of the most popular solutions to replace missing teeth is to get a dental bridge placed in your mouth. In case you haven’t had a dental bridge fitted before, it pays to know what to expect and understand the procedure involved.

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Types of Dental Bridges At All American Dental

Leaving gaps in your dental arch could shake other teeth lose and put unnecessary strain on them while biting or chewing. Dental bridges act as a replacement for the missing teeth, and they fill not only the gap but also restore the function of the missing tooth.

There are mainly four main types of dental bridges, and your dentist will help evaluate the right one for your unique requirement.

Traditional Dental Bridge is the most common type and consists of a set of artificial teeth with crowns. This is cemented to the teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth.

Cantilever bridges are supported only on one side and are typically used if the patient has only one tooth next to the missing tooth.

Maryland bridges use a metal or porcelain framework to hold the bridge in place.

Implant-supported bridges utilize dental implants. It is usually possible to replace many missing teeth with 2-3 implants. It is also possible to replace an entire arch of teeth with dental implants!

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