Dental Fillings in Columbia, MO

The majority of individuals in the United States experience a cavity at some point in their life. A dental cavity is a damage caused by tooth decay. It is a hole or indent in the teeth caused by plaque eating through a tooth’s dental enamel, and it can pose a severe problem.

When left untreated, cavities can lead to dental infections and even permanent tooth loss. To help our patients retain natural, healthy smiles, we at our dentistry offer contemporary dental fillings.

What Is a Filling?

A dental filling is hard material inserted into a tooth to restore part of the natural structure of a tooth following the development of a cavity or similar tooth decay. The filling protects the interior soft pulp and nerves from damage by forming a layer of protection. Permanent tooth filling can be made from a broad range of materials, including amalgam (silver), gold, composite resin, and porcelain.

Which Filling Is the Best?

There is some debate in the dental field about what material makes the best filling. Individuals seeking the most durable materials should have a filling made of amalgam or gold. These precious metals can last for decades but are quite noticeable. Someone seeking to retain a natural-looking smile will prefer porcelain or composite resin. These aren’t as long-lasting but can form a tight seal between the filling and the enamel to prevent future infection.

How Long Does A Filling Last?

The average filling can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years, depending on the material and how well a patient cares for their teeth. Individuals who receive fillings should brush and floss twice a day. They should also visit a dentist twice a year for regular exams and cleanings.

How to Receive Treatment

If you live in Columbia, MO, and are looking for a qualified dentist to treat a cavity or replace a preexisting filling, look no further than All American Dental. Our modern office uses the latest techniques and materials and can resolve issues with tooth decay in as little as one appointment. Call and schedule an appointment today for an exam, cleaning, and dental filling placement.

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