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If you’re worried about the costs involved, most dental insurance companies may cover some of the costs of new dentures. We offer patients a range of flexible payment options, and we work with leading insurance companies in Columbia, MO.

How Dentures Are Made At All American Dental

It usually takes several visits to the dentist to get a proper full or partial denture for your dental requirement. We will first evaluate your oral cavity to examine the gaps for missing teeth and determine if extractions are required. Our expert dentists will then decide on the best type of implant dentures near you for your needs. Our team will discuss options with you, and once you are satisfied, we will proceed with the fabrication.

Step 1

The dentist will first take repeated impressions of your jaw to evaluate the space between the upper and lower jaw. This also helps the dentist determine how your jaws move about one another.

Step 2

They will then use models, wax forms, or plastic patterns (or all three) to determine the exact fit, shape, size, and color. Every patient has a different set of teeth, and this process must be done in detail to fabricate comfortable dentures.

Step 3

The final denture is cast after the patient tries on the model once several times. The exact measurements and specifications are sent to the dental lab.

Step 4

The final dentures are now ready for trial. The dentist will request the patient return after a few days for any adjustments if required.

Also, it’s not unusual to experience slight soreness or discomfort and an increased flow of saliva during the first few weeks. Your mouth gradually adjusts to the new prosthetic as you wear your dentures, and you feel comfortable.

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